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The Financial Time Machine: Money Lessons to My Younger Self (08/30/13)

From how to spend your first paycheck to when to buy your first house, financial advice abounds for those in their early 20s. And all too often, this advice goes ignored.

4 Tips to Help 30-Somethings Make Ends Meet (08/28/13)

By the time you reach your 30s, you've got a lot going for you.

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Thrive — verb / 1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful. 2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Thrive: that is what we hope to help you do. In this extraordinary economic times, finding quick and easy tools—and easy to understand financial education—can be hard to find, especially in one manageable, concise location. We have brought together a wealth of resources—to make your journey and navigation through the financial world a bit easier. With calculators, worksheets, educational resources and the financial basics, we hope to take some of the stress out of finding your way through the financial maze.

And through your journey, we are here to help you thrive—to not only help get you through your economic challenges, but to emerge stronger and able to address any new challenges that can simply be a part of life. But we not only endeavor to help you survive the current economic climate, but to thrive and prosper. Enjoy the journey; and thrive.


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